Chris Tow

I didn’t have my first Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich until I was 18. I played more video games as a kid than I watched Disney movies. I was officially uncoordinated with 0% athleticism until the the 7th grade. I wore FUBU.

I believe in being a product of your environment. You are who you surround yourself with and you are what you do and not who you say you are. I believe music is the most powerful and uniting human creation.

I attended Saint Ignatius High School in San Francisco, studied at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing China, and graduated from Fordham University in New York. Now I am getting the real world education.

I’m 22, unsure of my future and excited by every minute of it.

Jacob Wasag

21-year old born in the Keystone State, raised in the Granite State, and now residing in the Golden State, I’m currently working as a Producer and Associate Editor at a video production company in San Anselmo, CA. Graduated in May ’09 with a degree in economics from Loyola Marymount University. Hoping someday to be involved in renewable energy in Poland.

Interests: renewable energy, pick-up basketball, reading, photography, new tunes, exploring, a simple life born

Kevin Connors

I was a classmate of Chris and Jacob’s while studying in Beijing. The program made me fall in love with China, to the extent that I now find myself typing away in rural Taiwan under the Fulbright Program. I graduated in ’09 with degrees in finance and economics.

I’m interested in anything I don’t forget within 5 minutes of hearing which lately has been all things Philly, China, and education. My ultimate aspiration is being a college counselor at the greatest educational institution on earth, The Prep.

Check out my blog about my experience as a Fulbrighter and, as always, keep coming back to The Bodega for your fix of all things current.


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25 01 2010
Brett W. Fischer

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The ScrewpopTM also functions as a bottle opener for enjoy that tasty cold beverage. Noticeably smaller than most car keys… it’s compact size fits nicely in the pocket or purse and travels wherever you go…!

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