Keys to the Chest

22 10 2009

by: christow

The Kingdom

Before you jolt and pick up a new Blu-Ray player this holiday season in anticipation for the transition from DVD to Blu-Ray, pay attention to Disney’s unveiling of it’s project “Keychest”. We knew the day would come that DVD hardware would become obsolete. Consumers are continually moving to digital media storage i.e. cd’s to iTunes libraries. Why do we need a physical copy of a movie if we can use the digital hemisphere for storage? Next month Disney will propose a new technology that may pave a new path in the way we watch movies.

With Keychest, Disney plans on offering users a one time purchase for the permanent access (not ownage) of a movie or tv show. That purchase allows users to watch the shows through computers, cell phones and other portable devices. Keychest will be using “cloud technology”, which essentially is the ability to use internet servers for storage and allow access to the content from anywhere. So rather than lugging around your laptop or external hard-drive with the movies, you only have to have access to the internet to play a movie. The goal of Keychest is to bypass the purchase of actual DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs, but rather buy the rights to watch the films and shows through an internet service provider. Keep an eye out next month for the development of the Keychest technology next month.

For more on Keychest check out the article in the Wall Street Journal.

Ditch the DVD’s – Wall Street Journal




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