Speed Demons Pt. 1

19 10 2009

by: christow

Reading…some dread it, some love, and others like but don’t do enough of it. One of the most daunting obstacles of reading is that it takes a great amount of time to read AND retain the information in a book. Does it take you 30 minutes to read ten pages? Or do you get to the bottom of the page and forget what you just read?

Meet Timothy Ferriss.

In short, Tim Ferriss offers a way to increase the rate at which we read. The average person reads about 1/2 a page to a page a minute. After performing Ferriss’s 20 minute exercise (with constant practice of course) you can increase your speed to about 10 pages a minute. Skeptical? Me too.

I don’t know if I will be able to read a page in 6 seconds (yes that’s 10 pages a minute) I do believe Ferriss is going to teach a very effective technique.

What you need:

20 minutes
One 200+ book
One Pen
A Timer

Here’s the exercise:

I will be trying this exercise with this book:


This is You Brain on Music

Try it out and see if it works. It’s only 20 minutes of your day.

Currensy – Blown Away




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