Hoop Nation

17 10 2009

by: christow

I love basketball. I love reading about it, I love watching it, and I love talking about it.

College basketball is filled with beautiful team play, drunk college kids screaming in unison, strategic coaching and hosts the most single most exciting sports event in March Madness. I enjoy college basketball because I believe it is the last true stop of cohesive team play.

But the NBA…for all the individuality (Lebron, Kobe, Wade, Dwight, etc) the media promotes, the “lack of defense” during portions of the game, and the leniency of officiating, there is still something spellbinding about the sport.

I believe it’s the ungodly combination of athleticism and finese.

That NBA players can glide on a fastbreak gracefully, flush the ball for a jam effortlessly and hit shots mechanically.

Not to discredit any other sport ( I still believe an NFL game is the most entertaining game to watch from start to finish) but the NBA provides highlights that defy my high school physics class.

Over the next week or so I’ll be dropping some posts regarding the NBA.

Download ~ The Game – Champion




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