Stay Fit

25 09 2009

by: christow


Ever want to find out just how many calories you burn in one 24 hour period? Want to find out how many steps it took to burn those calories?

Sounds just like a pedometer doesn’t it?

Well how about this, want to find out how long you slept last night, how long it took you to fall asleep and how many times you woke up during the night?

Meet the Fitbit

The Fitbit can be worn on clothing, kept in a pocket, or worn on the wrist. It uses a motion sensor (much like that found in the Nintendo Wii) to track all your movements. Fitbit states that it is 97% accurate in counting each and every step we take. The Fitbit then wirelessly transfers that information to your computer for you to go over. Here is a sample image of how the data is presented.

To measure and track sleep patterns, the Fitbit is worn on a wristband. It accounts for the time you get into bed and your movements throughout your night.


Sounds like an interesting concept with loads of potential. The two things the Fitbit does not account for though: cycling/biking and weight training. But both activities can be manually put into the database and accounted for. Caloric intake can also be entered into the database and managed in the same way.

The product is scheduled to start shipping September 29th at a price of $99. Keep an eye out for the progress of this little guy.




One response

27 09 2009

Definitely keep the tech stuff coming. TechCrunch is too jumbled.

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