I wish I was promised a jetpack

23 09 2009

Perhaps if I were to grow up in Scotland as these folks did, I would have. Check out this opening track from their debut album “These Four Walls”. The first method of describing their sound that came to my head was a combo of Sigur Ros and System of a Down…the energy that comes in at you-know-when is almost spiritual.

It’s Thunder And It’s Lightning

Download – It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning

We Were Promised Jetpacks hails originally from Edinburgh, Scotland (which looks like a pretty dope city), where they got their musical jumpstart by winning their school’s battle of the bands (don’t they all?). They eventually moved to Glasgow, which is also where bands such as Oasis and more recently Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, Snow Patrol, The Fratellis, and Belle and Sebastian became discovered.

Props to my roommate Alex who hooked it up with this great tune. If I was a runner, this would be the first track pumped through my buds. But since I’m not, listening to it on the commute to work will have to do. Is that too lazy an alternative?

*9/24 update: Had a day off from work yesterday and listened to this album almost 3 times through at the park. The other track I fell in love with was “Keeping Warm”. For this one I would suggest reading the lyrics, even though they don’t come in to the song for a while. Enjoy.

Chances of being born, so slim
So keep warm
so keep warm

And take some heart
In being born
At quite so young

Keeping Warm

Download – Keeping Warm




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