The Evolution is Seamless

16 09 2009
by: christow

the evolution.

As a kid I remember a majority of of these game systems. I remember the gap between Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 was a huge leap for video games. Then the introduction of the Playstation 2 just made things look even more realistic.

Now we are currently on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on the video game evolution chart. For the most part, video game developers haven’t tapped into the depth of PS3 and Blu-Ray capabilities. Granted the system turns 2 years old this November, it’s safe to say the PS3 will be around for many years to come.

But the Xbox 360 on the otherhand is turning 4 years old this year. The gap between the Xbox and Xbox 360 was…4 years. So the initial thought would be that the team at Microsoft is ready to release details on their next generation console, but not so fast.

In an interview discussing the future of the Xbox line, Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft Game Studios, had this to say:

“It’s not about trying to sell consumers a new piece of hardware at the wrong time, it’s about evolving the platform continuously. And we are going to find things, like Natal, that are hardware-related to also do that…Do we need to sell a new console at some point? I don’t think we need to right now. We’ll wait until our experiences are at the right point, like we have done with the Natal camera. We’ll wait until everyone is ready for it from a software perspective. And in terms of putting more hardware on the market, what else can we do? Put more memory in it? I don’t think that’s enough. We like where we are at with the box – 360 currently has a great price point. Consumers don’t want another $400 box right now.”

So what is Project Natal?

Because of it’s ability to reach such a large demograph, the Nintendo Wii is destroying the competition. According to VGChartz, the Wii has sold more than twice the amount of consoles as the PS3 and over 20 million more consoles than Xbox 360.

The chart.

So loyal fans of the Xbox line will have to wait for a “new system”. For now we can expect Microsoft to try and cut into the Wii market with the introduction of Project Natal. There is no released date or the price just yet, but the projected release is by late 2010.

If you were going to add to the video game controller evolution chart above, would it be a drawing of a camera or you?




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