14 09 2009
by: christow

the lab

I was never much of a science kid growing up. I wasn’t fascinated with wilderness and camping, with animals and evolution, or even the complexity of the human body. Maybe it was the “city” kid in me that held me back.

Biology, chemistry, and physics all had great moments…but I didn’t know how to develop those moments into functions of my life. Now I realize it wasn’t that science was uninteresting, I just wasn’t introduced to the subject matter in a stimulating way.



Radiolab is a podcast. Those unfamiliar with a podcast, think of it as modern day radio but with a better and more selective filter. Radiolab features two great minds, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, as they tackle profound questions with digestible (and creative) answers.

If you have an hour, sit down with the podcast and give it a listen. Like any great song, truly appreciating the work means listening (not hearing).

Today’s clip is about sleep. Sleep is as important to the body as air, water, and food. What is it about sleep that recharges us? What are dreams? Here is a short clip from the hour long podcast. – Sleep

If you dig their stuff subscribe to their podcast by searching “Radiolab” in the iTunes store and support them here. It’s FREE. Spread the knowledge.




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