Background Music

8 09 2009
by: christow

the candy store

You may never hear the favorite song.

No way you’re thinking, because you already have your favorite song! There is probably an all out struggle for the top spot on your list because you have too many to choose from.

But double take for a moment and think about that feeling when you hear music from a new artist or band. You playback the track to test out your musical judgement. You close the car windows, block out the background noise, and turn up the volume.

Yup, it was as good as you felt it was. Love is born.

As we slowly put the pieces of this blog together, music will always accompany the growth. As I scour the many blogs, iPods and recommendations, I will attempt to spread some of the music I’ve come to love, both old and new.

I may never hear my favorite song but I can build a stellar iTunes library while I try.

Passion Pit – Little Secrets

Download – Passion Pit – Little Secrets

If you love it, hate it or think we might like other songs/artists share your comments below.




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