Hello world, part dwa*

3 09 2009

Welcome to the Bodega! I’m Jacob Wasag, one of the two writers that are a part of this blog. My better second half consists of Chris Tow, and the two of us will be the main dudes putting up the words on this blog that we anticipate will satisfy your mind’s quick fix.

When people have asked us what this blog will be about, it was difficult to give a concrete answer. But that is our intention. We hope to offer things for you, our reader, that will be new, stimulating, and worthy of sharing with those around you. Naturally, the material posted by myself and by Chris will be aligned with our interests, but our interests are shared by many of you out there.

Our goal is simple. We want to provide a place for one to go and learn a thing or two. We are not intending to educate, by any means, but believe that the unique passions of oneself ought to be communicated. When and where someone goes deeper into something that another might not, we feel it can’t hurt to discuss what has been discovered. The discovery does not end there, however, which is where your comments as the reader come in.

Although this Bodega may not contain your eggs, milk, or cereal like the one down on the corner, we hope it is just as easy to get your quick fix for a new thought. Cheers, and enjoy.

*dwa=two (Polski)




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